Tenancy Support

Our tenancy support service works within the community to support individuals to establish and maintain a tenancy and promote mental wellbeing. We are funded by Supporting People and work alongside other services such as Cornerstone Support Service.
The relationship between tenancy issues / homelessness and mental health is very closely linked, so our services are designed to help individuals experiencing these issues and offer support. We offer support to those who are sofa surfing or at risk of losing their tenancy and becoming homeless.

What is Tenancy Support?

Helping you with tenancy and homelessness

Those accessing our Tenancy Support service can expect to be treated with dignity and respect and we offer regular, time-limited, support with:

  • Addressing homelessness issues and helping people to access accommodation
  • Offering people help with managing their budgets and assistance accessing services dealing with benefits, finances and legal issues so they don’t accrue rent arrears and ultimately lose their home
  • Offering help to ensure people feel safe and secure in their home
  • Helping people to make and keep appointments, including going with them initially if possible
  • Supporting people to gain access to other services they may need, including training, further education, employment, health and social activities
  • Assisting people in planning their weekly meals, shopping and food preparation (this does not include doing it for them)
  • Assisting people to develop life skills that will help them cope better with daily living tasks
  • Supporting people with tenancy and housing issues, liaison with landlords, accessing advice and advocacy
  • Resettlement activities – pre and post tenancy assistance
  • Support with relationships and family, maintaining support networks and good neighbour relations and also promotion of good parenting skills

Referrals can either be made through yourself or a professional on your behalf via the referral form which can be  downloaded from the Caerphilly Supporting People website and sending this to [email protected].

If you want to learn more or need help with a referral, get in touch with us.


With your help we can continue to support the people of Caerphilly Borough with their mental health.

We believe no one should have to face a mental health problem alone. We provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.